Discount Passes Enoden 1-day pass ticket “Noriorikun”

Enoden 1-day pass ticket “Noriorikun”

This is a ticket that allows to board and disembark at any station on the entire Enoden line any number of times during one whole day. You will be able to receive many special benefits at Enoden wayside facilities, so be sure to enjoy your Enoden trip with “Noriorikun”. It is on sale at automatic ticket vending machine at all stations.

Valid for 1 day

Adults 800 yen

Children 400 yen

Special benefits such as discounts are available at Enoshima Sea Candle, Enoshima Aquarium, and Hasedera Temple, as well as more than 20 lodging facilities and restaurants.


  • Only valid on the date of issue. Because this is a discount ticket, it cannot be combined with other discounts such as group discounts or discounts for disabled persons.
  • “Noriorikun” passes cannot be refunded following travel start.

Recommended Points

  • Unlimited rides on
    Enoden Line

  • Locations
    providing perks
    and discounts

    Including nearby temples, tourism attractions, restaurants and cafes, there are about 20 establishments providing perks and discounts!

    Participating Facilities Offering Discounts *Japanese Only

Map of the Enoshima and Kamakura Area

Map of the Enoshima and Kamakura Area
This pass does not cover the Odakyu Line and JR Line.

Included transportation networks

Unlimited rides are available to “Noriorikun” holders on the following transportation networks:

Enoden Line

Enoden Line

Unlimited rides

※ Odakyu Line and JR Line are not included in this pass.

Where to Purchase

  • Ticket Vending Machines
    Ticket Vending Machines
    For purchasing tickets
    by yourself

Participating Facilities Offering Discounts

Please see here for the list of discount spots.
*Japanese Only

・Discounts are available only on the valid day of “Noriorikun”.
・The discount for one facility is applied only once per person.

You can get the discount at
the facilities with this label.

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