Suggested Itineraries Enoden Photo Walk

As you ride the Enoshima Electric Railway Line (also known as the Enoden Line), you’ll find many scenic locations that will make you want to snap as many photos as you can!

Enoden Photo Walk

9:00 AMStart at Shinjuku Station

Start at Shinjuku Station

Take the Odakyu Line from Shinjuku Station to Fujisawa Station. It's about an hour-long ride to your destination.
If you want to get the most out of your trip, we recommend picking up the Enoshima-Kamakura Freepass. This pass includes a round trip on the Odakyu Line to and from your destination (from the station you start at to Fujisawa), as well as unlimited rides on the Odakyu Line (between Fujisawa and Katase-Enoshima) and the entire Enoden Line (from Fujisawa to Kamakura).

You can save 680 yen on the itinerary featured with the Freepass!

10:15 AM Take the Enoden to Kugenuma Station

Transfer to the Enoden Line at Fujisawa Station and take it to Kugenuma Station. The Enoden’s retro vibe is sure to put you in the traveling mood!

5-minute train ride from Fujisawa Station to Kugenuma Station

10:30 AM Sakaigawa Bridge

Sakaigawa Bridge

Get off at Kugenuma Station and walk to the nearby Sakaigawa Bridge.
Though most people imagine the Enoden running along the sea, a section of this line also crosses a river! Catch a different side of the Enoden as it crosses Sakaigawa Bridge.

Take the Enoden Line to Enoshima Station

11:00 AM Enoshima Station’s Sparrows and Station Building

Enoshima Station’s Sparrows and Station Building

Enoshima Station is a charming retro-style station with a triangular roof. Don’t miss the small sparrow statues on the metal arch in front of the station. Cute handknit outfits that are changed with the seasons are made just for them. You can’t help but admire these cute mini statues!

11:15 PM Enoshima Station to Koshigoe Station

Enoshima Station to Koshigoe Station

Seize this opportunity to take a photo walk from Enoshima Station to Koshigoe Station. There are many places to take photos of the Enoden trains as they run through the town!

  • Ryukoji Temple
    You can see the Enoden Line from Ryukoji Temple. In addition, you can get a photo of the Enoden alongside cherry blossoms from this location in the spring.
  • Railway "S" curve
    Don’t miss the tight turns the Enoden train takes at Ryukoji Temple intersection, the smallest "S" curve in Japan. Snap some excellent photos of Enoden as the train slowly navigates the winding tracks and busy intersection!
  • The Enoden on Koshigoe-dori Street
    The Enoden runs in the middle of the narrow Koshigoe-dori Street, so you can get unbelievably close to the train! Snap a photo on the Enoden making its way down the street alongside other vehicles.
Our next destination is Kamakurakokomae Station, the stop after Koshigoe Station. Although it’s only a 10-minute walk, the view of the sea from the Kamakurakokomae Station platform is breathtaking, so we recommend getting back on the Enoden Line!

11:45 AM Kamakurakokomae Station

Kamakurakokomae Station

Kamakurakokomae Station and its famous railway crossing have been featured in several anime and TV shows.
The sea expands right before your very eyes from the station platform. Gazing out at the sea, you’re sure to forget about the time spent waiting for the train.

From Kamakurakokomae Station, we recommend walking along the sea in the direction of Shichirigahama Beach. If you want a photo of the Enoden and Mount Fuji, this is the place to take it!

12:30 PM Ristorante Amalfi

Ristorante Amalfi

Enjoy Shichirigahama Beach’s ocean view and delicious Italian food at Ristorante Amalfi. Try dishes that incorporate many local ingredients!

After your meal, get back on the Enoden Line at Shichirigahama Station and go to Gokurakuji Station

7-minute train ride from Shichirigahama Station to Gokurakuji Station

2:00 PM Gokurakuji Station

Gokurakuji Station

Gokurakuji Station’s tasteful design is constructed from wood and has been featured in several movies and TV shows. The round, red mailbox in front of the station brings out the retro charm of this location.

3-minute walk

2:15 PM Jojuin Temple

Jojuin Temple

Jojuin Temple is said to be the greatest matchmaking spot in all of Kamakura. The fact that you can see Yuigahama Beach from the temple adds to its uniqueness.

3-minute walk

2:25 PM Goryo Shrine

Goryo Shrine

You can see this shrine’s torii gates from the nearby railway crossing. This rare sight is sure to leave an impact! We recommend getting the Enoden and Goryo Shrine in the same shot.

3-minute train ride from Hase Station to Wadazuka Station

3:30 PM MushinAn


Indulge in anmitsu and other Japanese sweets along with a cup of matcha at this café in a traditional folk house. The Enoden Line passes right in front of this location. Seeing the train coming and going is one of the highlights of this spot!

25-minute train ride from Wadazuka Station to Enoshima Station
10-minute walk from Enoshima Station to Katase-Enoshima Station

5:00 PM Take the Odakyu Line from Katase-Enoshima Station

Take the Odakyu Line from Katase-Enoshima Station

This unique station is designed to look like the fictional Ryugu Castle that appears in a legend passed down in the area. Be sure to check out the jellyfish tank in the station, and if you stay after sunset, you'll be able to see the station lit up!